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Fringe 100 Icons

can you make it?

100 Icontest Community using only 'fringe' Fandoms
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Moderator: sarahsaloser

There may be two questions you are asking yourself. What is a 100 icontest community? And what does fringe mean? Well I have the answers to both!

1. A 100 icontest community is a place where icon makes of all levels gather together to try and complete 100 icons that fall under a specific category within a time limit. Sounds fun? It really is!

2. In the world of LJ icons and beyond there are some fandoms that get ALOT of attention. Ones like Harry Potter, Supernatural, or Dr.Who come to mind. The idea of a 'fringe' community is to focus on smaller lesser icon'd fandoms. Things like, Venture Brothers, Pete and Pete, Clueless. The idea here is that NO fandom is too small, but some are too big! You can check out the Banned Fandoms list to see what's not allowed!

1. First thing you do is Join The Community!

2. Your next stop should be the Banned Fandoms list. Anything on that list is not allowed as a claim!

3. After you check that out or if you KNOW that your claim couldn't possibly be on the list go to the Claims List to put in you're request! The rules for claiming are there, so be sure to read 'em!

4. Once I've approved your claim you will be officially added to the community! YAY!

5. Once you're a member you will have 3 months (12 weeks) from the day you were approved to finish you're icons. If you don't finish within that time your claim will be removed and the subject will be up for grabs again!

6. Do not use old icons to fill your claim, where's the fun in that? Please make new fresh ones for us!

7. 50 of your icons must use a theme from the 'themes' list. I don't care which fifty words you choose, that's up to you. The other 50 icons are 'artist choice' so go crazy.

8. Your first icon post must be within 2 weeks of your claim.

You do not have to post all of your icons at once, you can instead post them in 'batches'. Each icon post should have the following info.

Batch #:
Themes Used:
(optional. list which themes you used per batch.)
Icons Completed:

and anything else of course is up to you! Please post no more than 3 icons outside of a cut. I would suggest using The Icon Table generator as it is very handy!

50 of your 100 icons must use one of these themes. You are though free to interpret these however you like. I'm not going to stalk you and say you used the theme wrong. That's no fun! I want you to be creative so go however you like.

There are more than 50 words here, you only have to pick 50. If you want to use more than that go for it. But it's not necessary.

1. green
2. she
3. angel
4. devil
5. wish
6. dream
7. wtf
8. authority
9. disguise
10. scary
11. transformation
12. animal
13. flower
14. nature
15. delicate
16. lmao
17. unspoken
18. Gothic
19. Sadness
20. pink
21. cube
22. feminine
23. masculine
25. ill
26. love
27. weathered
28. age
29. memory
30. desire
31. supernatural
32. together
33. wrong
34. popular
35. happy
36. wicked
37. heaven
38. hell
39. music
40. night
41. protect
42. family
43. laughter
44. kiss
45. orange
46. color
47. black and white
48. one more time
50. sex
51. rock & roll
52. valuable
53. memories
54. jokes
55. alone
56. heart
57. curve
58. fiction
59. dance
60. new
71. before
72. clean
73. fantasy
74. bright
75. small

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